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Aliases. Different anti-virus companies give, as a rule, different names to one and the same virus proceeding from their own rules of a virus name formation. In most cases the main virus name (for example Klez, Badtrans, Nimda) is identical and is present within the virus name regardless what anti-virus company has given it. In general only prefixes and suffixes to this name differ and the rules of their usage can be different in different companies. For example, according to virus classification of Doctor Web, Ltd. versions of one and the same virus are numbered starting from 1. Symantec for this purpose uses capital letters of the English Alphabet.

Anti-antivirus Virus (Retrovirus) — a computer virus program which hits anti-virus programs.

Anti-virus Virus a computer virus program which hits other computer viruses.

Anti-virus program a computer program capable of searching, diagnostics (detecting the infected files and the types of viruses), preventing and disinfecting (deletes a virus and restores the damaged files) of the infected with a computer virus files. In the process of search and diagnostics an anti-virus program detects the infected files and the virus type. Prevention measures help to avert infection. In the process of disinfecting the virus is deleted and the damaged files are recovered.

Anti-virus scanner a computer program capable of detecting a viral code in the virus infected files with the help of the virus database known to such anti-virus program or a priori assumption of such virus code structure. Scanners, from time to time, (for example, on the user's request) check certain objects (disks, folders and files as well as main memory and boot sectors) in order to detect the presence of the virus signature.

Applet a Java language class embedded into the document created in HTML language in the form of an executable module . Applet is downloaded from server to the user's computer as an attached file. Applets are used, for example, for interactive dialogue with users at Web-pages.

Archive file - a result of files compression by archivator.